Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Shotgun Rapid

The Mormon Bend RAP (discussed above) is the last practical place to land a boat before descending down into the whitewater stretch of The Salmon River.  People using a small pontoon or very small inflatable can probably get out of the river at the Rough Creek Bridge.  However, if you miss getting out at Rough Creek you're in for a pretty tough go through some very testy whitewater, the chief ruffian of which is Shotgun Rapid.  Shotgun is a sawed off double-barrel blast of buckshot no matter what the water level.  This rapid has the ability to wipe you out of your boat throughout the river running season.  You can easily scout it from the road and even a casual glance at this cruncher will remind you of the old adage, "You can't get in trouble in the river if you stay on shore."  Being onshore to look at Shotgun is a very comforting place to be!

You can click here for a slideshow by David Denning of two of his guides running Shotgun June 1st this year.  Trust us, it doesn't get any easier when the water level drops.

For some further discussion of this stretch of river, please read our May 23rd post

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