Friday, June 1, 2012

Shotgun Rapid June 1st

The Spring river season is in full swing on The Upper Salmon River.  Now that the skies have parted and the sun is shining and the water is high and fluffy white, it's time for some whitewater fun.  The River Company's Cassandra Burns guides her paddlers through Shotgun Rapid on June 1st.  This adrenalin-pumping drop is arguably the finest piece of whitewater in the entire 148-mile stretch from Stanley to North Fork.  Some would say it's Sunbeam Dam.  It may be a toss up between the two but the bottom line is Shotgun Rapid is in fine form right about now.

Shotgun is best run with capable professional river guides such as those working at the outfitters licensed to run The Salmon River inside the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. The River Company is one of those outfitters.  You can click here to go to their website.  Many thanks to The River Company's David Denning for allowing us to use his fine photos here on our website.  We've embedded a slideshow of 18 of David's photos below.  If the show won't load, you can click here to see the photos individually for go to The River Company's Facebook. Aaron Wydra is guiding the lead boat and Cassandra Burns is guiding the second boat.  What a great way to enjoy the first day of June on The Salmon River.

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