Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mormon Bend RAP

The Mormon Bend RAP is a great little developed river access tucked into a fine riverside campground.  The ramp is really well done, the parking areas are huge and the turning radius is excellent.  Sight distance for getting off or on the highway is relatively safe.  All-in-all, Mormon Bend is the best RAP on the far, far upper reaches of The Salmon River.

Too bad there's nothing its equal farther upstream.  Too bad there's an outrageous stretch of whitewater downstream.  The Mormon Bend RAP would probably get far more use if it was paired with suitable nearby RAPs as well as a safe stretch of river downstream.  As it is, the bulk of usage of this RAP comes from people who have launched up at Stanley.

The turnoff into the campground is located at Highway 75 Milepost 196.1.  The RAP is located 6.3 miles downstream from the most commonly used Stanley area RAP.  Mormon Bend RAP is 7.3 miles from the Elk Creek RAP.

For a Google Earth Flyby converted to a YouTube video see our recent article:

Below is a graphic showing the general lay of the river from Mormon Bend down to the Yankee Fork area RAPs.

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