Thursday, June 7, 2012

IDFG Salmon Region Access Guide

 The IDFG's Salmon Region Access Guide is one of the finest such guides we have seen anywhere.  The level of detail and documentation are superb.  The 68-page 8.5 x 11 booklet is a top notch, professional piece of work that deserves to be in the hands of every use of The Salmon River and is famous tributary, The Middle Fork.

IDFG's Greg Painter took the lead in this awesome publication.  He said when he arrived in the Regional Office, he quickly saw a need for access information.  Although the bulk of the river flows across public lands, many key areas of The Salmon River streambank are private property.  Over a four year span, Painter and his two assistants researched and collected the exact details of various vital access points.  The trio left no stone unturned in putting together this excellent guide.

A sample of the type of information provided in the guide is shown below.  You can see everything you need to know to safely and legally gain fishing access by foot to Valley Creek right in the private property heart of Stanley, Idaho.  Every other such access point on The Salmon River is documented in similar style and format.

As of June 28, we received word that another press run of 2,000 copies has been received.  Copies have been placed at various locations along The Salmon River from Stanley to North Fork.

The Access Guide cannot be mailed due to cost considerations.  We will continue to urge IDFG to put this fine publication online and will keep our readers posted on any steps taken to put the guide online.  We have asked for permission to scan and publish excerpts of the guide on this website.  So far, we haven't received the go ahead to do that. At least, however, we can review the publication here for the benefit of those who were unaware of its existence.

Call the Salmon Regional Office for more information--208-756-6274

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