Friday, May 25, 2012

Watching Weather

Who doesn't love watching weather?  Even if some folks don't chatter about the weather, they sure keep a watchful eye on all sorts of weather information from TV, newspapers, the internet and, of course, the sky itself.

We have a permanent page above entitled "Weather."  We will attempt to include a full menu of various ways to watch weather on The Salmon River.

This morning, we stumbled upon the links for three primary weather data monitoring sites: Stanley Ranger Station, Challlis Airport and the Salmon Airport.  The graphic shows a screen shot from today's data being logged at the Stanley Ranger Station.  Data from the other two sites will be shown in the same format. (Narrative continues below graphic.)

These three sites appear to be the only ones on The Salmon River that are available in the three-day format.  However, you can learn current, real-time temperature and other conditions for many other places in The Salmon River watershed.  The NWS in Pocatello and Missoula maintain an "Observations" page online.  You can actually grab this map with your mouse and move it up or down or sideways.  When you mouseover any of the numbers, a little flyout screen pops up.  This screen tells you the location and weather data for that spot.  We have included an example below for Willow Creek Summit on US Highway 93 at the divide between The Salmon River and The Big Lost River watersheds.

Here are the links for these resources:
Stanley Ranger Station
Challis Airport
Salmon Airport
Pocatello Observations Page
Missoula Observations Page

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