Friday, May 25, 2012

Salmon run now well above average

(NOTE: Take the information below with a dose of caution.  We talked today with a one of the most knowledgeable people along the Salmon.  They said they've heard that the fish coming through Lower Granite right now aren't destined for The Salmon River.  The use of PIT tags is common now so it's relatively easy to know from which river the salmon came.  (Click here for an informative 2011 newspaper article on PIT tags.)  Apparently, the salmon in teh numbers shown below aren't bearing PIT tags that indicate they will be coming our way.  Meanwhile, the IDFG Commission may set the salmon season at its June 4th meeting.  Last edited 5/25/12 @ 5:50 pm)

After a very slow start, the salmon run at Lower Granite Dam is well above average.  Right up until May 15th, the run was about 40% below the 10 year average.  Now it's over 40% above the 10 year average.  Take a look at the daily numbers below.  Since May 19th, the daily numbers ave been 3-4 times more than the long-term average.  If this keeps up into the main "run time" for salmon numbers, it could be a gang busters salmon season!  Salmon run numbers ebb and flow as do all natural cycles.  Only time will tell if these numbers are the proverbial "flash in the pan."  In the meantime, such numbers sure are fun to watch.

So, how do you watch these numbers?  First, you have to go to what's know as the Colunbia River DART website.  Once you are at the website, select Lower Granite Dam from the project menu.  Then change the beginning date to April 22.  That's the day before this year's first fish was counted at Lower Granite.  Then generate the full report and enjoy.  Click here to go to the DART website.

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