Sunday, May 27, 2012

Salmon Riverfest

Salmon City might as well be called River City.  There's a lot of year-round river rats who call Salmon home.  When the ice leaves and everything green's up, a whole new legion of migratory river rats show up in Salmon and commence to work and play on all stretches of The Salmon River. Most of them work on The Main and The Middle Fork.  When they aren't workin', they're playin' and we know for a fact they play hard!  A few years back, some local Salmon River Rats hatched the idea to get themselves a man-made play wave right smack in the middle of Salmon City.  It's been an on-again, off-again kind of idea that seems to be getting a little more traction with each passing spring runoff.

What makes this whole idea of a play wave even more interesting is that the very idea itself spawned what just might become a Big Time Salmon City event--the annual early June Riverfest.  The poster shown above is plastered all over Salmon City right now and anticipation is building for next weekend's event.  The Riverfest has to be held early since a lot of the participants will soon be out earning their living guiding on the rivers.

Knowing Salmon City, this is a unique event filled with a colorful cast of characters unlike most you've seen anywhere.  If you have any kind of a chance at all to join the fun or just go and watch, this event promises to be a hoot 'n' woot.  The best way to find their Facebook is to go to their webpage by clicking here.  Be sure to click on the "About Us" and "FAQ" links. Their Facebook is where it's all happening.  They even have an event Facebook page set up so you can actually let them know you plan to join in the events this weekend.  We sure hope they have several designated photographers who will record all the events for our viewing enjoyment. The first annual event raised $2500.  Organizers are hoping for a larger net this year.

Congratulations on getting this event up and running.  Double congratulations for making this year's event so promising.  You all are making history!  Keep up your great work. Here's the video from last year's event.

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