Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lemhi Web

Lemhi Web is a citizen journalism project based in Salmon City. Lemhi Web is currently the only online news venue devoted solely to the area.  Although "The Post-Register" in Idaho Falls covers Lemhi County and publishes periodic reports from the region, its content is accessibly only by paid subscription.  Salmon City's local weekly newspaper, the "Recorder Herald" does not have news website.

Lemhi Web states, "We are a privately owned business with a goal of increasing communication in Lemhi County. We will endeavor to provide this service at the least cost possible and with the greatest citizen participation that we can manage."

While the majority of Lemhi Web's stories describe local events, the venue does report on river and watershed related topics.  Currently, Lemhi Web's gateway page carries a promo ad for Riverfest.  A note about Dugout Dick is also on the front page.

The website is owned by Barbara Miller, a retired math teacher who's lived in the county 15 years. Barbara has been an active volunteer in many local endeavors and says she "strongly feels that we need more input from citizens on issues that concern us all."  The website states that decisions are made by Barbara and two other women who serve on a governing committee, Reg Blauser and Cindy Phelps.

Reg Blauser is a retired microbiologist/science who "believes factual, accurate information is critical to good decision-making and sees the website as a way to provide the people of Lemhi County with information that will help them make decisions in their own best interest."

Cindy Phelps is an active volunteer in many Salmon City organizations and efforts.  However, the bulk of her efforts are directed toward the Lemhi County Human Society, The Salmon Animal Shelter and the Rags & Wags Thrift store.  Cindy is currently running as the Democratic candidate in the 2012 election for Idaho House of Representatives District 8B.  Cindy recently helped organize a social media campaign that earned the Humane Society a new Toyota van.

Click here to visit Lemhi Web.

From humble beginnings, Lemhi Web appears to have reached critical mass in becoming a essential thread in Lemhi County's cultural tapestry.  The website appears well supported and contains a wide variety of interesting, information and entertaining content.  We salute the organizers and volunteers who make Lemhi Web tick.  Thank You for creating and maintaining an vital and vibrant community institution.
(l-r) Barbara Miller, Cindy Phelps, Reg Blauser

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