Monday, May 21, 2012

Jeff Christenson leaves Salmon Country

BLM Outdoor Recreation Planner Jeff Christenson's last day on the job at the Challis Field Office will be Friday, May 24th.  Jeff is leaving Salmon Country to head down to Four Corners Country.  He is taking his same position with the BLM in Dolores, Colorado.

Jeff has been in Challis for 11 years and made a huge impact.  Jeff's a modest guy and he always credits "team work" for making all the good stuff happen.  Well, in our opinion it takes spark plugs to make a complex engine run and Jeff's been the spark plug for outdoor recreation in the BLM's Challis office, especially when it comes to the Salmon River.

Jeff will be remembered for many accomplishments during his tenure.  Of interest to readers of this blog are his contributions directly related to the Salmon River.  He made a huge difference in improving popular river access sites such as Bayhorse, Challis Bridge, Pennal Gulch, Deadman's Hole and the Cottonwood Recreation Site near Ellis.  Jeff helped improve the East Fork Recreation Site and left his mark on many important BLM assets.  Jeff really shined when it came to managing volunteers.  Volunteers who signed up with Jeff have never left.  One, Duane Wilson, is now a legend at the Cottonwood Rec Site, receiving a national award for his service to campers.  Jeff himself won the coveted Director's Spirit of Service Award a few years back.

The blog author and his wife have acted as volunteers for Jeff and we have to say he's one of the Top Two Volunteer Supervisors we've ever had the pleasure to serve.
In the photo at left, the blog author (right) and the Custer County Stampede Queen Samantha Golder present Jeff (left) with an award in November 2007.  We were then Director of the Eastern Idaho Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP).  We honored the BLM and Jeff for helping Senior Volunteers serve with respect and dignity.

The BLM Staff and many in the tight-knit Challis community will turn out Friday night for a bowl-a-thon in Jeff's honor.  We sure wish him Best of Success & Many Happy Trails on his new life pathway.  You did a great service to all users and lovers of The Salmon River, Jeff, and you'll be missed by one and all.

Many Cheers!  jp

PS--Last we heard, the vacant position hadn't yet been advertised and it may be months before someone is hired to replace Jeff.

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