Saturday, May 26, 2012

It ain't over 'til it's over

A certain person has to sing before this season's snow is gone.  This Memorial Day storm is laying down a possibly impressive dose o' snow in The Salmon River's upper watershed.  Check this NWS graphic and see for yourself.
The river has dropped to around 3300 cfs at Yankee Fork and looked poised to go lower until this whole snow show came along.  Now it's a new ballgame. From midnight today until now, Galena Summit has picked up one full inch of water.  We're not talking snow, we're talking real water.  If the NWS prediction above comes to pass, the water deposit in the Upper Salmon Watershed could be sufficient to bring about a rise in the flow.  This will stop the typical recession and, in fact, serve to help stabilize the flow at a higher level that wouod have been the case otherwise.  There's never a dull moment on The Salmon River!

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