Saturday, April 17, 2010

Salmon in the SNRA

The Salmon River headwaters are mostly located in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area (SNRA), a special management unit created by Congress in 1972. Most recreational river usage takes place between Stanley and Torrey's Hole. The bulk of recreational river usage occurs downstream from the Yankee Fork confluence to Torrey's Hole.

All of this portion of the Salmon River lies within the SNRA. The SNRA does have some special considerations and management prescriptions for this stretch of river. Click here to see the Environmental Assessment that addresses some of these issues. We have been unable to find out more detailed information online about how the SNRA administers the Salmon River for non-commercial recreational river users.

Likewise, we have been unable to find any map online (detailed or otherwise) describing the section of the Salmon River that lies within the administrative boundaries of the SNRA.

We would suspect that SNRA officials have some data regarding non-commercial usage of the Salmon in this area. To the best of our knowledge, we believe there is at least some portions of this river area which require a free permit for usage by non-commercial recreationists.

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